Youth course

Skating lessons for starting but also more experienced youth. Season 2022-2023 Join us!

Skating is good for your stamina, coordination and motor development. In the lessons we will work together to make you better. Tips and exercises, based on all kinds of games, to stand on the ice with more certainty. The Duosport instructor will help you. This way you can be sure that you have a wonderfully sporty winter and that you are prepared for natural ice. Because skating is fun!

We'll see you soon on the ice!

You can now register for the course that starts after the Christmas holidays. The season runs until Saturday 11 March 2023.


Sunday 10.00
Saturday 10.00

A lesson lasts 1 hour.
we start from Sunday 9 October and the last class of the season is on Saturday 11 March 2023.
The pre-Christmas period runs from Sunday 9 October to Saturday 24 December.
The post-Christmas period runs from Sunday 8 January to Saturday 11 March.

What does it cost?

Prices 2022-2023

The course fee includes admission and excludes any skate rental. At the ice rink you pick up the entrance pass and pay the one-time amount of the pass of € 9.50 at the cash register. If you already own a pass, the entrance will be credited to this and you do not pay € 9.50.
The number of entrances on your card is equal to the number of lessons booked.

For the youth there is a school skating pass for the entrance, for sale at the box office of Breda. Do you want to book an exclusive entrance at Duosport and arrange the school skating pass for the entrance at the skating rink? Then do not register via registration, but email us that you want to book the lessons at Duosport without entrance!


them entrance adults entrance youth total adults total youth
all season 20 x    174,00  152,00  113,00  326,00  287,00
before christmas 11 x   106,15  83,60  62,15  189,75  168,30
after christmas 9 x   86,85  68,40  50,85  155,25  137,70


When not?

There are no weekly classes from Saturday December 25 to Saturday January 7, 2023.
Weekly lessons will continue during the autumn and spring break.

Rent or lease skates?

If you don't have your own skates, you can rent skates at a time or per strip card at the ice rink at our partner Azzuri . They also have a skate lease option for children up to the age of 16. Look here for more information.

Nowadays there are also skates that are adjustable in 3 or 4 sizes. Azzuri Skating Sport has a wide range of these. Prices range from €80 to about €120.00.


Artificial ice rink Breda

Making up for a missed lesson in 2022-2023

Making up for a missed lesson is currently possible on:

Sunday morning 10:00 am
Monday evening 8.15 pm
Tuesday evening 8.15 pm
Wednesday morning 10:00 am
Friday morning 10.00
sunday 10am
Saturday 10am
The catch-up options may change during the season.
Missed lessons will expire after a booked course period. The entrance fee that has not been used will expire on March 11, 2023
You don't have to register at Duosport or the skating rink to catch up on a lesson. However, the entrance card works once a week, so when you come to catch up, you have to stop by the cash register to manually remove an entrance and go through the gate

Cancellation policy

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