Skating lessons for young and old and from stool to crack, that's what we do.
Weekly lessons on a fixed day and time of the week or an intensive holiday course.

Holiday course
During the school holidays you can participate in the intensive holiday courses . Very pleasant weeks in which you have lessons for 1.5 hours a day and in which you make a huge leap forward in your technique in a short time. Depending on the week and location, the holiday course consists of 3, 4 or 5 days of lessons. Youth and adults also have lessons here at the same time in separate groups.

Great skating, whether you have a lot of experience or not. At all times that we teach, we have room for all levels. During the first lessons, the classification is made on the ice so that everyone really learns to skate better at his or her own level. During the course you will work with your instructor to jointly refine your technique one step at a time. We aim for a maximum group size of 15 so that the instructor is able to differentiate and take into account the differences within the group.

Some courses have a specific training goal such as the Weissensee course or the Fitness training. These take place at the same time as the regular course, but as a separate group with a specific focus on that goal.

Learned young. Children can participate in the skating lessons from 5 years old. In the lessons for youth , we first divide the groups by age and then by level. With the very youngest youth (5-6 years) it is mainly about learning through play, learning the right movement by practicing from their experience and above all doing a lot. The older children are also skating as much as possible and already with more (technical) challenge. At the end of each course we have a diploma and a pin for all children.

We use an average group size of 13 for youth, which is slightly lower than for adults. The youth classes usually coincide with the adult classes so that parents and children can take classes at the same time.

How do you sign up?
By registering via the “register” button at the top right. Or, if you want more information about the schedule and prices, have a look at your location on this site .

At some locations the course fee includes the required number of entrances for the lessons and at other locations you can arrange the entrance at the ticket office of the ice rink. On the site of the ice rink you can find information about the entrance options, eg bus tickets, school skating passes, passe-partouts or other options.

To overtake
If you are unable to participate at your lesson moment, we almost always offer the possibility to make up. Consult with your instructor about the possibilities. You may make up before or after your missed lesson, but must take place in the course period you have booked.

skate rental
At every ice rink there is a skate shop / skate rental where you can buy or rent. Sometimes it is also possible to lease skates. Take a look at the site for the possibilities or ask us.