Clinics for schools

At Duosport, schools can introduce their students to skating at a greatly reduced rate. School skating adds value to the content of the Physical Education component at your school. Both primary and secondary schools are welcome.


Skating with school is not scheduled. For more information about our activities for schools, please call or send an email to . You can reach us by phone on 0900-3867767 (10 c/m) (Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.).

What does it cost?

Prices 2022-2023

clinic up to 20 people per hour 21 – 40 people per hour 41-60 people per hour 61-80 persons per hour etc exclusive
Norwegians driving € 69,35 € 138,70 €  207,05  € 277,40 Skate rental, ice rink entrance
Curling € 83,75 € 167,50  € 251,25  € 335,00 entrance ice rink

Cancellation policy

Where ?

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