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A break with colleagues often yields new insights. You come back to work with fresh ideas. And no less important, you have experienced your colleagues from their sporting side.

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Norwegians skating or fun curling (eisstockschiessen).
Contact us and we will be happy to help you make it a successful activity.
Call 0900-3867767 (on working days between 10 am and 2 pm during the skating season) or email

What does it cost ?



Costs: € 9.45 per person, per hour

– expert instructor
– skates (can be rented on site)
– entrance ice rink

minimum amount € 94.50

Fun curling (ice stock sport)

Costs: € 12.25 per person, per hour

– an expert instructor
– the use of material
– entrance to the ice rink, renting part of the ice

minimum amount € 147.00

An experienced Duosport instructor will teach you the intricacies of the “Eisstock schiessen”, a variant of official curling.
Fun Curling is played with Eisstocks of 3.8 kilos. Eisstocks are made of wood and metal.

The object of the game remains the same by throwing the stone into “the house” and sweeping it to get the
rocks to slide faster across the ice. After a short game explanation, there is first practice, after which
competitions follow in the form of a mini-competition.

You don't need skates for curling. The instructor will give you shoes with spikes for on
the ice. You put this on over your own shoes. Think comfortable shoes, no high heels, warm clothes and gloves.

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