-5- Send and Drop off

Like a body has a front and a back. You have agonists and antagonists. PvdA has a VVD. 010 a 020. You move downwards with gravity and up against gravity. Having preferences has advantages, disapproving, ignoring, avoiding on the other hand only disadvantages.

In every lesson I try to present 2 sides of the coin from a certain insight. Everyone can experience 1 side as more preferable. Everyone can also experience that preferences can change. (That is often the case during fatigue, acidification, stress, wanting to control something, frustration, etc.)

A medal has 2 sides. You can only be aware of one side, you can see it. The other side does not exist, as it were, you do not see it, it is there unconsciously. If you use the metaphor of a medal you have 2 forms of expression, 2 expression possibilities, 2 motor patterns. 2 skating moves. It would be wonderful if you could have both of these at your disposal, have them in your luggage and can adjust them when you need them.

Movement is complex. Skating is a complex (motor) movement that consists of many different medals. Each individual must therefore stack each coin “right side” up for an ideal movement pattern. It's not easy and you have to struggle with it. It's even more difficult to flip ALL the medals for optimal expression where you don't like.

What have we done:

We're diving a little more into the dominance of our shoulder position now, try it.