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Due to a defect in the installation, the start of the skating season in the Triavium has been postponed to probably the beginning of December. You can register for the course and reserve your spot. Then skip the payment step so that we can email you before the start with a payment request for the remaining number of lessons.

Do you want to give 2022 a sporty twist? Do you want to enjoy a winter sport in your own country? Or do you simply feel like skating?


Roriental all season, before Christmas and after Christmas 2022-2023 start times

Sunday 10.15
Tuesday   19.45 + advanced group 19.45
Wednesday 09.00   20.00
Thursday   20.00
Friday 09.00
Saturday 10.15

The better you skate, the faster it goes and the more you need technical and physical challenge. For that we have the advanced hour on Tuesday 19.45 hours. In addition to the regular groups.
Suitable for anyone who can drive in succession, in the inner lane and who is looking for more of a challenge. On Tuesdays at 7:45 PM, this group will be next to the existing regular classes.

When not?

During the Christmas holidays there are no weekly classes from Sunday 25 December to Saturday 7 January.
Weekly classes will continue during the autumn and spring break.

What does it cost?

course all season 20 x € 344,00
course for the Christmas holidays 11 x € 199,65
course after the Christmas holidays 9 x € 163,35

The prices include entrance to the ice rink and exclude any skate rental.
The number of entrances is equal to the number of lessons booked.


Ice rink Triavium

Missed lesson? Rooster 2021-2022

It is possible to make up for a missed lesson. at one of the lessons below during the booked course period.

Wednesday evening 20:00
Thursday evening 20:00
Friday morning 9.30 am
Saturday morning 10.15 am

You do not have to register with Duosport or the ice rink to catch up on a lesson.


Cancellation policy

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