Frame skating course

Frame skating course

For youth from 5 years with a physical disability.

Together with peers on the ice with the support of Stichting het Gehandicapte KindLogo Foundation for the Handicapped Child

Frame skating is good for your endurance, coordination and motor development.

In the lessons we will work with you and students from the regular groups with exercises and game forms to have fun on the ice.

You can register or request more information by sending an email to ovv frame skates


Lesson times:

Sunday 9:15 a.m

Sunday 10:45 a.m

Wednesday 3:15 pm


Lessons last one hour

The courses are from January 8 to March 11

Costs 9 lessons: 60,- including entrance

incl. rent frame and use spikes for under the shoes.

Bring your own helmet and gloves.


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