Taking to the ice rink: what's in your bag?

October 1, 2019 By: Alice

Because a good start is half the battle, the ice is already slippery enough and you can use your attention on the ice. When you go to the ice rink for the first time (after the summer or completely for the first time), it takes some getting used to. It's been a while since you touched skates. That you skated laps. But no need to panic! You can go to the ice rink and we will list what you need for your first skating lesson. Then you will appear perfectly at the start anyway and you only have to think about the great prospect of skating. Lots of skating fun!

Four things that are indispensable in your skate bag:

  1. Sharp skates

What many people do not know is that new skates often have to be sharpened for the first time. New skates are often not 'roadworthy'. And did you know that your skates can usually also use a sharpening after skating on natural ice? This way you can test whether your skates are still sharp .

  1. Gloves

It seems bland, but you can't go on the ice without gloves. That's not just because we think it's so important that you don't catch a cold (of course we don't want you to leave class with blue fingers), but for safety. Should you fall or otherwise end up in the situation where your hands touch the ice, gloves are your protection against all those other (sharp) skates. Regular gloves are fine. There are also special skating gloves for sale that offer cut protection.

  1. Muts (of helm)

There is no helmet requirement on the ice rink. However, you see them more and more and there are also specific skating helmets. You don't feel them and they offer a lot of protection. You also see many skaters wearing a hat. There are nice warm, nice and beautiful hats. In addition, a hat is also useful. Just like gloves, a hat offers a little extra protection.

  1. Pants

Competition skaters skate in a suit, faster skaters usually in skate shorts. Don't have skating pants? No problem. It is important that you wear pants that you can move in well. Jeans can pinch and that is not nice, because with skates you need freedom of movement. Skating pants are beautiful; is tight and therefore does not get in the way, gives you freedom of movement and is nice and warm. Ideally, skating pants or suit are nice and high or attached to your shoulders; nice and warm and doesn't fall off. And that's nice. For children, especially for the smaller children, ski pants are nice for skating. This way they can fall and sit a lot, without getting cold or getting wet.

Secretly quite a lot of people skate in running shorts. Keep in mind that skating pants often have a warm layer built in against the cold of the ice. It is therefore advisable to wear thermal pants under your running pants.

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