What does our trainer say

In addition to the “mechanical” principles that we have identified so far in the way we can look at the skating movement, we also have “physical” principles that we can look at and pay attention to.

When we talk about physical principles, we are talking about the FITNESs of you as a skater. Can you physically do what is needed to perform the assignments and the exercises.

We use the Athletic Skills Model (the ASM) to substantiate the concept of Fitness. This model is based on different conditions to be able to move. Those are:

You can distinguish Fitness in these 5 aspects, but you can never really separate these 5 aspects. They are all important and always interlocking. Where do you find them in skating.

The ASM has repositioned the important concept of Coordination . It fits like a shell around the conditions. The qualitative form of these principles. It is, as it were, the qualitative expression of Fitness. Coordination is more about the control, the way in which your nervous system is more about the quality and flexibility of your nervous system with the ADAPTABILITY as the central point. You can play with all these conditions.

In the coming weeks we will dive into this further and also give this a place in the assignments.