Week 6

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We assume that we will continue to offer our lessons with digital support in this way. We continue to listen carefully to what is happening on the ice and what the authorities tell us. We would like to use the space that we are given positively. It is simply not possible to teach in groups. But of course you as a skating student have a lot to say, you have questions, you feel ambiguities but also certainties. An instructor also has a lot to say, he wants to help you with his/her experience, knowledge and insight so that you get answers to your questions. We want to give this a little more shape.

Each 1st block of a lesson consists of "skating in" with a point of interest that you know and you experience the exercise form. We should also use this block for more interaction between you as a student and the instructor. Is it clear what you can get started with? Do you have questions about previous lessons? Do you want specific feedback? Do you want some extra attention? Take the opportunity to ask these questions in the 1st block, your instructor is standing by and would like to help you, then you will get even more out of your lessons.

For Beginning skaters this week is about Attitude and Rhythm . Always pay attention to a "kink" in the knees and at your navel. In a rhythm where you move your body relaxed from one leg to the other. The exercises require just a little more stability. A stable shot gives you the opportunity to put enough weight against the ice in the right direction. You get more out of your shot.

For Middle Groupers and Advanced skaters it's about this week Posture and Push-off . If you want to narrow your corners and push off more effectively, Stability is a prerequisite and this should result in good weight transfer (in timing, speed and direction).

Under the lessons and in the “what does the trainer say” the mechanical principles are further elaborated and you can also read a little more about this week's sauce Stability. If you want to give the exercises more explanation, you can watch the videos under the following buttons.

Videos for Beginner Skaters,Movies for Middle Groups,Videos for Advanced Skaters

Novice skaters

middle groups

Advanced skaters

The theme Attitude is about Stability. The degree to which you can maintain the position of your body or body parts.

To be able to supply power, there must be something to supply the power against. The best thing is that a stable (firm) body. The power then moves the whole body and is not used to make the body change shape.

Principle 3

A smaller knee angle gives more push-off potential. Whether this can be achieved depends on a number of factors.

Principle 5(bend)

More weight/pressure/force against the ice returns more power from the ice. This applies to both the straight and the bend.