As an instructor, you want every student to learn as much as possible, but not every student or group of students is ready for the same step. By looking closely at your group, you can estimate how far along your students are. You can use this structure to help you make a choice from the many topics that you can cover. When making a choice, always ask yourself: Why are you doing what you are doing?

When it comes to the skating movement , we have not made a distinction in ages, there is of course a difference in level. Within each age group you have children who are starting to skate and children who are already quite good at it and even compete. We make a distinction between beginning youth and already advanced youth .

We do, however, make a distinction in age when dividing the groups because each age group undergoes a different development and therefore requires a different approach. Learning the skating movement has a different character or angle due to differences biological development, cognitive development ea social development 

Beginning youth

Advanced youth

5-6 year olds

7-8 year olds

9-11 year olds

our young teenagers 12+