-1- Rhythm and Body Movement

Everyone has an “internal rhythm”. You can recognize this most clearly in your breathing and your heartbeat. The 2 are related to each other. This concerns the oxygen requirement of you as a system. Your muscles need oxygen to perform work, I believe that is known and you can feel it. Heavy legs due to lactic acid which is a byproduct of burning without oxygen. Lactic acid affects your coordination ability.

But do we know that your brain uses about 25% of your oxygen intake to function and that your brain (say an important part of your nervous system) is 100% responsible for the quality of you as a moving athlete. That your muscles are controlled in a coordinated way.

Make the unconscious (how your breathing goes) conscious (start using it in your expression of your stroke) because your body is complex and reacts differently to different O2 and/or CO2 amounts. Both to the working capacity of your muscles, but also, for example, to your flexion and/or extension tone (to bend and/or stretch). In short, let's play around with it then.