Assignments for youth or for adults

December 23, 2022 By: Puk Koole

In the Duosport skating academy you will find, among other things, assignments related to animals in the zoo. Fun and appealing for children and… they learn something from it.
A good example is the stamping of an elephant.

Of course, when we skate we don't stamp our skates on the ice but; if you're not comfortable on your skates yet, you might want to gently separate them with a nice nod inward. While, by stomping you put equal weight on your skates and immediately stand straighter on them. A great assignment!

To be found in:
Youth assignments

Is this applicable to adults? Naturally. The implicit elephant road does not have to be followed, but stamping (preferably with bent legs) certainly works. Small passes close together. And in the corner? Try a hard drop command in high frequency in the turn. Many students suddenly put the left skate well below them.

To be found in:
Assignments for adults

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