A Training Lesson

Your FITNESs is central in a training class. It is a physical activity in which the execution of the skating movement is not necessarily central. Such a schedule is difficult to give because fitness cannot be attributed to a particular group. It's individual. It is about your relationship between Tax and Taxability.

We give a proposal based on the image of a “general advanced skater”. This means that you should be able to skate about 50 laps in an hour. We assume that you can handle both the straight and the turn with 100% intention. It gives a positive training stimulus, especially if you can start fresh at this hour. That is, you have recovered from other and previous activities.

If you are a middle grouper, you can safely adjust the Do-assignments (proportionally) to about 40 rounds in an hour.

The 1st block always has a Warming-Up character. Make sure you are also physically ready to make an effort. Of course it is good (perhaps better) to have already warmed up before you step on the ice. We would be happy to make a proposal for this, but don't let that tie you down. Goodluck

Quietly Walk in after about 10 minutes you do 4×4  Knee-lift steps followed by quiet walks and good hips loosening, followed by 20 skating steps, then you'll at least go warm on the ice.