A Training Lesson

An extra workout on the ice makes you a better skater. Certainly because you then train more specifically and also because you can perform the skating movement better and better and you can perform different forms of training better and better.

Your FITNESs is central in a training class. It is a physical activity in which the execution of the skating movement is not necessarily central. This is difficult to give because fitness cannot be attributed to a particular group. It's individual. It is about your relationship between Tax and Taxability.

We give a proposal based on advanced skaters. This means that you should be able to skate about 50 laps in an hour. We assume that you can handle both the straight and the turn with 100% intention. It gives a positive training stimulus, especially if you can start fresh at this hour. That is, you have recovered from other and previous activities.

If you are a middle grouper, you can safely adjust the Training Form (proportionally) to about 40 laps in an hour.

Endurance : Being able to sustain an activity.

Can you sustain an assignment for a long time? How tired do you get. This makes whether you can practice a little longer and a little longer and/or more practice makes you learn it faster.