-6- Timing with a Power sauce

In addition to last week: Coordination is the ability that you can also perform a move you want to make. Timing is that the movement is really right, feels good, has real expression,

Timing in coordination is only possible if ALL input (all sensory information comes in at the same time and in the same way) E.g.: if you want to cross the street and you hear a car very close by but you see it far away then your system goes into the stress. So it is with all the senses.

You can see it like this. All the senses come in at a roundabout and you want them all to move in the same direction on that roundabout. Then there is integration and they can reinforce each other in terms of timing. If not, then there is chaos in the “information processing” and then you see compensation in your coordination, a movement with a lack of timing.

The integration of all the senses can be clearly seen in the position of your shoulder. Is the left shoulder leading the movement (everything turns left at the roundabout) or your right shoulder (everything turns right at the roundabout)

Suppose you are a good driver then you have to get used to driving in England but if you are relaxed about it you will forget within a day that you are driving on the left side of the road. In short, of course you can do both, there is only 1 side that is easier for you.

Your eyes provide you with the most information (a large GPS system) and largely determine your coordination. Here we go  mess with it this week. No, I'm not asking you to go skating with your eyes closed, but there is more possible. Your eyes play an important role in your balance. They are in direct relationship/contact with your vestibule system (which registers gravity) and together determine a large part of your muscle tone. In short, a “good” muscle tone is definitely part of a timed coordinated movement.