-8- Timing in Placement and Steering

I got a lot of questions about my comment that you can only fill in detail in a global movement.

This actually boils down to a difference between thinking and feeling. Thinking (ratio) is high frequency, taking something apart. Feeling is low frequency, putting something together. If you feel something, it is a global feeling: for example: It feels good, it doesn't feel right, I feel pressure, I feel relaxation, I feel tension, etc etc. A feeling is personal (only applies to you) and always has the character of I LIKE or I DON'T LIKE. I believe that you don't come to a class to have a feeling of I DON'T LIKE, that's not what you do it for. That is why you should always start with "simple" skating. Global skating. If that feels right, you can start paying attention to DETAIL, then you can focus on something specific.

An instructor who only gives you the assignment of GO SKATING NICE SKATES, that's not what you come for, then you also think "yes, that's nice and easy". So the instructor gives assignments in practice forms and goes quite easily towards detail. (He/She has a lot of knowledge about the skating movement) (but has no knowledge about your feeling because that is yours). It is up to each student to experience for themselves how far you go in the detail.

Detail, as it were, pulls the whole apart, it converges, it triggers your ratio, your thinking. This has a great ability to put you out of your body into your head (philosophically: separating body and mind) To put it bluntly, when you are skating your body is skating and you have to leave head at home.

This week I've used the following metaphor, a mermaid darting harmoniously through the water. The movement is like a whiplash. Anyone who has had a lesson in front crawl may recognize that you generate more power if you have relaxed ankles.

This also applies to skating. Skating with “soft feet” (the last meter on a whip is not a stick either) relaxed ankles. The big advantage of relaxed ankles is that the skate steers much more easily in the direction you want.

Give it a try.