has a vision on teaching

We start from Body Intelligence. The body has the potential to solve any problem.

Explicitly tell a child who is learning to walk how to 'hold' your arms, place your feet and start the movement while walking. That sounds pretty crazy, don't you think? Yet this is something that often happens in sports. To get out of your head and into your body, we want to help students, young and old, learn and optimize the skating movement with more implicit instructions. So that you have the space to find your own unique movement solution.

Research shows that a linear development (straightline) may be fast in the short term, but that a versatile (spiral) development gives a better result in the long term and also offers room for fun. Teach a movement full of variety. We look for an attitude that suits you, for a push-off that gives you the most speed. The battle with gravity requires us to explore the edges of our balance. We look for a rhythm in which you can express yourself. Each element of the skating movement comes back repeatedly. So that you can get better in your own way and eventually skate your laps like a “whirlwind”. (nice promise anyway)