has a FROM – TO substantiation

from modular to holistic: The total is greater than the sum of the parts, we didn't actually practice in partial movements to make a total movement afterwards. Put emphasis in a total movement. Holistic is also that you do not only see a person as a mechanical or bio-mechanical individual, but as a neuro-bio-mechanical individual, which means that you have to take into account, among other things, the emotional state of the person, the influence of the weather conditions. , time of day, safety etc etc etc (support self-organization)

from explicit to implicit: There is a clear explanation, rules of action to create more conditions for unconscious learning trajectories. I think that in the end everyone should also become aware of his/her conscious action in order to make a nice follow-up (development) step (facilitating self-organization)

from template learning to individual technique implementation: There is an example, a model, an identification, conditions, basics and everyone can play around with it in their own way (facilitating self-organization)

It is best to have different templates in different phases of the movement. A template that comes via Z-Health (well founded) and that is fun to do

from drill/repeat to many different variation shapes: Is for me actually the 10,000 hour rule of ericson (also a bit the Fitts-Posner model) compared to Differential Learning of Schollhorn (facilitating self-organization)

from teacher determines the learning route to student determines the learning route: For me this means that the teacher-instructor still determines the broad outline of the theme and that in such a way (playing around with different didactic ways of presenting the theme) that the student-student can determine his own route, ( so basically the why-where-to-who-what questions can answer in their own order) (facilitating self-organization)