Eager to learn

You can learn Skating at Duosport manual online!

The handouts of the instructor day can be found here .

Instructor in training and after

There is no end to development. If you remain open to new things, it is good for your development as a skating instructor. You start with us as an instructor in training. You follow modules, receive guidance and do an internship. And you start, when you are ready, for the group.

In practice, this means that as an instructor in training you prepare a lesson and discuss it with your supervisor. You then stand independently in front of the group and together with your supervisor you evaluate the lesson and look ahead to the next one. The role of the facilitator is to help you develop based on his or her knowledge and experience.

Join the training

We organize modules , training days, internships and support you with an online manual, detailed modules and blogs. We have them for all levels and from inexperienced to experienced and for knowledge and inspiration. Standing in front of a group and giving skating lessons is also just a profession and you can learn that.

Learn from students

They are your most direct feedback. Don't be omniscient and learn by watching them, listening, asking them how they experience something and what they need.

learn from each other

We also think it is important to have a conversation. You sometimes learn the most from talking about skating lessons in instructor rooms.

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