with an eye for safety

To ensure that everyone can skate well, it is important to pay attention to safety and the rules on the ice.

The number of visitors is not evenly distributed over the day. This means that the ice is fuller at some hours than at other hours. This varies per ice rink and per day. There are general rules to ensure that everyone can skate as safely as possible. These are different for each ice rink.

Two rules that apply to all ice rinks

  1. Gloves (and sometimes a hat) are mandatory
  2. The slower riders skate on the outside of the track, the fast riders skate on the inside of the track

As Duosport, we contribute to safety on the ice. If a scribble track is available, the lessons of the youngest children will take place on this piece of ice. Each group has its own pylon track. If there is no scribble track or if there is not enough space there, lessons will be given on the outside of the track using a pylon track. Groups of adults also gather on the outside of the track. They will always be completely on the outside. The instructor is the one who is 'on the track'. He/she is always recognizable by Duosport clothing. During the first lessons, the rules are discussed with all students, especially with children's groups this is given sufficient attention.

The Duosport instructor is one of the first to be present during falls. He/she must therefore know how to act in such a situation. It is especially important that the safety of the victim and of the other skaters is taken into account. Always make sure that it is clear that a fall has occurred. What an instructor can do further can be found on the next page.