takes place in a learning environment

LEARNING, practicing, learning something, further developing THE SKATING MOVEMENT, a skill that you can do your whole life (life-time skill), being able to move freely, WITH A HEALTHY DOSE OF EFFORT, with the feeling that you have sported, on a health way, which makes you feel good, with a contribution than fitness AND IN A COZY WAY, in a good relationship with the instructor, and the group, inclusive, conviviality, social, together.

We also regularly talk to students about what they think is a good skating lesson. They think a lesson is good if the student learns what the instructor intends. The learning process is an interaction. These may be vague terms, but what do they mean in terms of content.

THE INSTRUCTOR TAKES THE TIME, approaches students individually, and does not focus only on learning the skating movement, AND THANKS TO A BETTER OVERVIEW, taking the entire skating movement (even the entire person) as a starting point, AND THE POSSIBILITY TO TAKE A DIFFERENT ANGLE OF VIEW CHOOSE, emphasize something in a different way SHE/HE OFFERS A SOLUTION, a different angle or intention through which the student can search for a solution THAT ALSO IN PRACTICE, make it your own through practice, understanding and KNOWING TO BRING TO FEEL AND THEREFORE KEEPS FUN IN THE LEARNING PROCESS a gradual learning of a skill.

form with the correct command

with an eye for safety