Assignments 7-8

Assignments for all themes:

Many regular skating exercises can be used during the lessons. Children have better concentration and motor skills also improve, so that the exercises can become longer and slightly more complex. The children also need more variety in the exercise material.

What should you pay attention to when teaching 7/8 year olds

twin tag

Tappers skate hand in hand, if they tap someone, they also hold a hand. If there are four children, they become two twins again, etc. Participate as an instructor, they like nothing more than trying to tap you).


Movement technical facets




Posture/position of the joints


Different phases/parts of the skating stroke






As you can see, the assignments for the different phases/parts of the skating stroke are not yet very full. With this group you mainly work globally. A more technical/concrete/explicit way of teaching is not really suitable for this group yet.

A possible structure of lessons

(always possible to adapt to your group)

  1. A lot of attention to balance, stability
  2. From balance to rhythm
  3. From balance and rhythm to timing
  4. From balance and rhythm to timing to posture