What does our trainer say

Our trainer has only one announcement this week: Download this app on your phone. For all your lessons.

Duosport can be found on various ice rinks throughout the Netherlands for 30 years. It started in Amsterdam and students are still skating there who have been following us closely for at least 25 years. One of them is Erwin Blom, a skating enthusiast, a music lover, an innovator. His message was very succinct: You are doing this nicely again, but can I brighten it up with an app . 3 days later we can proudly present it. If you have become curious about what Erwin does, feel free to take a look at the productschool.nl

Erwin is sure of sharing, so that's allowed. He also made a video on youtube that shows how user-friendly it works and last but not least, you can also scan this QR code.

We will definitely be using this app this season. Every Wednesday we will add a new lesson. If we hear that we can make positive adjustments, you will definitely see that again. Lots of skating fun.