in the structure of a course


A theme is a subject that can be distilled from the skating movement and we have elaborated that under “A good skating movement”.

Exercise material

You should always be able to place the exercise material within the following guidelines:

In addition, there are a number of important criteria that influence seasonal planning. There is a natural division in a season, before and after Christmas: after Christmas you can repeat the themes if you wish, but this time in more detail.

At the end of each period, more attention can and should be paid to action-, performance- and endurance-demanding forms. The level can also influence a seasonal planning.

We have divided the groups into beginners, intermediate groups and advanced. A possible season structure for different levels is given in the appendix.

To evaluate

Evaluation is the most important tool for an instructor to grow as a teacher. When evaluating, you look back on the lesson you have taught. There are two useful ways of evaluation: product evaluation and process evaluation. In product evaluation you look purely at the content of the lesson. Are you satisfied with this, could it have been better with another exercise, etc. During the process evaluation, you look at the way in which you arrived at this result, the path you took, how can I prepare faster next time, etc. .

You can carry out these evaluations for yourself, or you can enlist the help of someone else, for example the head instructor who guides you.

A possible season structure, regardless of group level, for a 17-week season could be: