makes a lesson preparation

Lesson prep is a plan you make before class. You try to foresee all circumstances in advance as well as possible. Despite all your good intentions, a lesson may turn out differently than you had in mind. Good preparation gives you room to let go of your lesson plan and to improvise. Teaching is always an interaction between you and the students. That is why teaching is exciting every time, even for experienced instructors.

When preparing lesson plans, you consider the organization and content of the lesson.

In organizational terms we distinguish:

In terms of content we distinguish: 

In the lesson preparation you think about which themes you want to deal with in the lesson. You try to formulate a lesson goal based on a theme. For example: the theme is placing the skate, the lesson objective is that students are better able to place their skate under them at the end of the lesson. You will then translate the lesson objective into assignments. For each theme you come up with 3 to 5 assignments.