choose the right shapes

When giving an assignment, you first have to think about what kind of assignment you need to achieve your goal. At Duosport we mainly use two forms:

Exercises: In an exercise you take an aspect from the skating movement to practice this separately. The advantage is that the student can fully concentrate on this aspect. Exercises often have you done on one side of the track. You then choose for tailwind or against. A whole round is often too long in terms of concentration. After practicing a specific aspect, you have to insert it again into the total movement. You can do this with a row command.

Driving assignment: With a driving assignment you emphasize an aspect of the skating stroke during the complete skating movement. There is a point of attention while skating a number of rounds.

Driving time: An indication of how long a lap of 400 meters takes per group

beginners 2 to 10 minutes
middle group 1 to 3 minutes
advanced 40 seconds to 1 minute

These are the times of rounds during a driving assignment, with exercises you have to calculate longer.

Ways of collecting

Each group consists of fast and less fast riders. Specifying an x number of rounds for a driving assignment is therefore not optimal. Fast riders finish these laps sooner than the slower riders. A method that works well to deal with these differences is to give a time indication to the students and to determine as an instructor when the assignment should end. (Particularly students from higher groups like to have an indication so that they know how they can best distribute their energy.) He can do this by telling the slowest student after a few minutes that he/she can continue for 1 round, then the second fastest, etc. This way it is possible that everyone comes in about the same.

A looser way is to have the group assemble as soon as you get to the rendezvous point. This gives you as an instructor a lot of flexibility; you only start collecting when you have seen everyone properly.

Variations in assignments

Giving instructions: Within the lesson, the instructor gives both exercises and instructions. But what exactly is the difference between these two forms.