gives feedback (feedforward)

Giving feedback (feedforward) is mainly discussed in the 'act', when the students are busy carrying out the assignment. Then you have the opportunity to provide another insight to stimulate the learning process.

'Feedback' literally means feedback. It is a communication to someone about how his/her behavior is perceived, understood and experienced. In other words; an instructor indicates how the execution of the skating movement (of a student) is observed and experienced. Feedback is indispensable when learning to skate. As an instructor you can help a student explain the feedback that an exercise gives and that should lead to a feedforward in the next exercise moment.

When giving an indication or correction , we can distinguish between group corrections and individual corrections. Choose a group correction if you don't know a group that well yet. As you get to know the skating technique of the individual students, you should try to make your directions more and more individual.


Module: Feedback