The last lesson of the skating season

8 March 2023 By: Mark Hakkeling

The last lessons are scheduled for next week. Often a reason to do something special, to end the season in a great way.
What makes your (last) skating lesson a really good one? Since we ... Read more

Better well stolen than poorly conceived.

25 October 2022 By: Mark Hakkeling

Is making use of each other's knowledge and skills stealing?

At Duosport, we believe that an instructor gets better by watching, listening and copying what fellow instructors are doing. We think that from the idea that every copy represents a changeRead more

Fit the summer in/through/out part 1

24 March 2021 By: Mark Hakkeling

What exactly is 'fitness'?

Fitness is often seen as: How well do you score in endurance. This is also fairly easy to see from the outside; are you quickly out of breath and how long can you last?

But fitness is… Read more