company skates

Ice skating with your colleagues.

Many organizations currently have organized sports, a FIT plan, Sports Plan or health promotion plan. In this development, there are already a number of organizations or their staff associations that let their employees skate with us collectively.

Depending on the wishes of the organization, employees can sign up for half a season or a whole season, but it is also possible to participate in the holiday-intensive weeks. The basic principle is that the option is communicated internally and that employees register themselves for the course. This is done via a link that we have generated and which is offered via an internal e-mail or a digital newsletter. From the moment of registration, we inform the employee about the course and we send the lesson card/entrance card. Ultimately, the organization receives the invoice for the remaining amount.

In practice, it is possible for the organization to choose a permanent instructor for the group of participating employees or to divide the employees over the different groups and times.

If the organization wants to contribute, it can. Via the link, employees can register with which they immediately pay the amount that remains (course price incl entrance – contribution organization).

Call or email for more information or 0900-duosport (3867767)